The start of a new era...Mr. Jones 1st Blog

     So here it is, my first blog entry on my personal site. I tried the other night but failed miserably with my technical skills and after the third time I gave up and went to bed. So now I'm giving it another whirl. I wanted to start by letting everyone know that I needed an outlet to stay in touch with you guys, giving you all the latest information on what's going on with me without going on to all the social media networks all the time. I think by having all the different social networking sites it waters down my message and connection to you guys on a personal level. So this is a way to stay connected and in a way I don't have to go on to all those social networking sites as much. Hopefully you guys feel the same and are cool with it. I'm going to keep this the most current updated form of communication on what's happening with me. So if you want the 411 on what's going on with me come check out my blog on the website and I promise it will be the most up-to-date information. Plus I will do my best to keep it fun and interesting and a little window into my day-to-day chaos. Whether it be tour updates, new music and/or merch, or just rants that I sometimes need to get out. And, this way I can rant without dealing with thousands of people commenting on the rant and judging me and creating drama on the Internet like most of the time when you post something on Facebook or Twitter.
     So, here's some very up-to-date news. I just started recording my full-length album this week and I'm hoping it will be finished and ready for the new year to kick off. I'm in the studio again with Jim Perkins who did my EP with me. We have a good working relationship, he gets my type of crazy. And, aside from eating tacos and telling good jokes to each other we make some pretty good music too. I will be releasing a few singles before the end of the year for sure, as well as doing more live acoustic music videos. So keep checking YouTube and of course I will have them on here as well once they're out. I love you guys and I appreciate you more than you know. I will be doing a little bit of touring in the southwest area of the US right at the end of the year otherwise I will be holed up in the studio making some musical candy for you guys. So there you have it, the first blog entry. Many more to come and I promise to keep you amused.

Love Ya
Mr. Jones

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